Hastings Direct gives a helping to hand to Jake's Splash

11 Mar 2015

Insurance broker Hastings Direct gave a helping hand of £250 in support of Jake Davis who along with his family and friends are trying to raise £26,000 to build a hydrotherapy pool.

Hastings Direct's 'A Helping Hand' makes financial, professional and physical support available to the local community. Each month Hastings is able to offer either professional support from its 1,800 staff, or physical support with team building days. In addition, Hastings has made a small monthly grant available to support local funding.

Jake suffers from cerebral palsy and dislocated hips which cause him a lot of discomfort. It is hoped that with a hydrotherapy pool this will provide him with some freedom out of his wheelchair whilst strengthening his muscles and joints.

Becky Davis, Jake's mum said: "Thank you so much, Hastings Direct, not only for your generous donation, but also for your offer to provide expert advice on further avenues of fundraising. With the support of such a prestigious local company, we feel confident that we'll soon reach our goal to get that hydrotherapy pool for Jake!"

Jay Wootten, community liaison, Hastings Direct: "The work the family has done since October to raise £14,000 is superb. We know our donation will be put to good use, and it was a pleasure to present this to Jake over a cup of tea!"

If you are local community group/organisation or charity that may benefit from a helping hand grant, please contact community@hastingsdirect.com with details of how Hasting Direct's "A Helping Hand" can provide valuable assistance.