Hastings Direct supports Gizmo with A Helping Hand

13 May 2015

Insurance broker Hastings Direct gave 'A Helping Hand' of £300 to local theatre charity Gizmo, based in St Leonard's.

Hastings Direct's A Helping Hand scheme makes financial, professional and physical support available to local community groups and individuals.

Pat Fisher, founder and director for Gizmo said: "Since beginning our fundraising campaign to raise funds to prevent GIZMO from closing, we've had a phenomenal response from members of the public and the business community. They have all banded together to save this valuable charity based in Hastings and St. Leonard's. We give our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported us and we are now working towards a funding strategy to prevent this happening again.

Jay Wootten, community liaison, Hastings Direct said: "We read in last week's Observer that Gizmo needed to find £3,000 to prevent them from closing. Gizmo is a great example of how a group can make a difference to so many young people's lives in the area and we're happy that our donation has helped."

If you are local community group/organisation or charity that may benefit from a helping hand grant, please contact community@hastingsdirect.com with details of how Hastings Direct's 'A Helping Hand' can provide you with valuable assistance.

If you would like to support Gizmo please donate via their "go fund me" page.