We try to minimise, where possible, our impact on the environment, making sure that what we do reflects our approach to CSR. It is our belief that ethical conduct is an integral component of running a business successfully and it is an expectation we have of both our colleagues and our suppliers. We continually look at ways to make improvements so we can continue to serve our communities and be a good neighbour.

Strong supplier relationships are vital to our continued success. We work closely with our local and national suppliers to communicate our standards, values, principles and sustainability goals to them. By working with our suppliers, we can offer the best price, product and service solutions to benefit our customers and colleagues.

Each colleague is responsible for achieving the highest level of business conduct and for delivering our everyday activities in a way that reflects ethical principles. We play our part by:

  • Inviting our customers to receive all their documentation electronically.
  • Supporting local businesses with over 58 unique offers that encourage and incentivise our colleagues to buy from local retailers, suppliers and services.
  • Promoting a “Travel Green” initiative that supports our colleagues in making greener journeys to work through car sharing, increased cycle use and discounted rail travel.
  • Dedicated recycle and confidential waste stations.
  • Encouraging the use of travel mugs and water bottles to cut the use of disposable cups.
  • Using reduced energy electric light bulbs and motion sensitive lighting.
  • Recycling unwanted furniture by donating it to local charities and organisations.