With happy colleagues, satisfied customers and a profitable Group we are able to take the 4Cs full circle by taking an active part in serving our communities. We do this by being a good neighbour, investing in local education initiatives and being an ethical member of the financial services community.

A good neighbour
Our Charity Events Committee is made up entirely of colleagues who volunteer to organise fundraising events throughout the year for local charities nominated by colleagues. We provide a helping hand to local individuals or groups by providing advice, physical support or small grants to help with fundraising. In 2016 we raised over £60,000 for local charities and organisations and spent over 5,200 hours in our communities. As part of our InsurePink product offering, where £10 from every policy is donated to a breast cancer charity (Pink Ribbon Foundation), we are pleased that our customers helped us raise £72,000 for this worthy charity.
“A massive thank you to everyone at Hastings Direct for their fundraising throughout the year, raising valuable funds and making a big difference to our small charity”
Leah Norman
Scheme Manager, Homecall

Hastings Direct's Programme and Change team who cycled 120 miles to raise money for Homecall.

Investing in local education initiatives 

We have significant interaction with schools, colleges and universities in and around our communities to help develop, attract and nurture home grown talent. In 2016 we completed the first year of a three year education programme called ‘Be the Change’ in Bexhill and Leicester which aims to raise the aspirations of local 13-14 year olds. The course is designed to help remove barriers that may make students disengage from school and in life and provide them with life skills to help shape their future. Our colleagues volunteer as business mentors to help support the students with anecdotal and professional advice and guidance. Hastings continues to be the only corporate organisation to sponsor a full bespoke ‘Be the Change’ programme in the UK.

“I was a part of ‘Be the Change’ last year and not only did I see a positive change in the students, but I also saw a change within my peers and a change in confidence for myself. It has helped me develop my career within Hastings Direct and has helped me excel in being a coach and supporting new colleagues that come into the business.”
Mohammed Patel
Hastings Business Mentor